Review: Jose Saramago – THE ELEPHANT’S JOURNEY

My brief review of Jose Saramago’s THE ELEPHANT’S JOURNEY is up.


Shell Games.

I mentioned it elsewhere, but not here: my review of Shell Games: Rogues, Smugglers, and the Hunt for Nature’s Bounty appeared recently at the Star Tribune, in Minneapolis.

Last minute wrap-up.

  • I mentioned this in a couple of other places, but please have a look at my two newest book reviews, both at the Star Tribune newspaper in lovely Minnesota. Here and here.
  • East Coast, looking for a last minute holiday recommendation for book gifting? Have a listen to Condalmo friend Michelle – she’ll be talking up some good books on the radio today. Here’s your link.
  • There should be a new review up at Identity Theory this week.
  • Have a look at this Christmas story.
  • Finally, here’s hoping you are all having a good holiday.

Weekend reading.

  • Here’s a new short story by David Mitchell.
  • David Ulin has an interesting piece in the Los Angeles Times about difficulty with focusing on reading, given the hypnotic internet.  There’s been a lot of enthusiastic assent about this article … on the internet.
  • Michael Pollan thinks you might enjoy putting down the Hamburger Helper and doing some cooking.
  • Two new reviews at Identity Theory this week: the excellent Of Song and Water by Joseph Coulson, and Hurry Down Sunshine (also quite good) by Michael Greenberg.

Closed for the summer.

I started Condalmo in 2006 to scratch an itch.  Lately, that itch seems to be all cleared up.  So, I’m suspending operations here until Fall to go and scratch at some other, newer itches.

Enjoy the summer, and go buy some good books at independent bookstores.

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