Tom McCarthy’s “C”

UPDATE: I’ve got a review copy in hand and am well into it. More to follow –

Some meager crumbs of information are starting to appear in my lap…

The cover:

The pithy summary:

Serge Carrefax spends his childhood at Versoie House, where his father teaches deaf children to speak when he’s not experimenting with wireless telegraphy. Sophie, Serge’s sister and only connection to the world at large, takes outrageous liberties with Serge’s young body—which may explain the unusual sexual predilections that haunt him for the rest of his life. After recuperating from a mysterious illness at a Bohemian spa, Serge serves in World War I as a radio operator. C culminates in a bizarre scene in an Egyptian catacomb where all Serge’s paths and relationships at last converge.

And finally, a so-brief-as-to-be-nearly-pointless interview.