We’re compostable.

I am interested in this book; at the same time, I am alarmed and on guard.  And wondering where did it all go wrong.

This is the definitive source on composting crappers, from why to how, and yes, the scatological humor abounds. Yet this is a serious issue. Biosolids are recycled and used in the U.S. and around the world by governments and municipalities, and not always in the most responsible ways. Jenkins gives you the knowledge to do it yourself, and do it responsibly.

A stack of quality books waiting to be read, and suddenly I’m interested in reading about a project I’m 100% sure my wife would veto immediately?  Probably doesn’t help that I spent a “good” portion of the day watching my septic tank back up into my basement.  All that waste!


Sven Linden: receptacle or man?  You can shell out $17 for the HH at Amazon, or you can download the PDF for free here and know that nobody is laughing at you.  You will then be able to take your composting to an insane new level.  If you do do this, please let me know.

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