Book reading tour rider.


Ben Greenman’s going out on tour to support his new album book Please Step Back, which I’m reading currently.  I would like to see if I can get more information about posters by typing it here:  more information about posters.  Stay tuned!

An excerpt from Greenman’s rider:

Bookstore agrees to provide and maintain three (3) backstage preparation rooms. They shall be comfortable, well lit, and entirely free of books other than the Author’s books. Rooms must be climate-controlled to dry heat so that the Author’s reading voice (which will henceforth be referred to as his “instrument”) does not get scratchy or phlegmy. Employees of the Bookstore must never use the word “phlegmy” in the presence of the Author, as it may make him vomit, which would damage his instrument. The same goes for the word “vomit.”

I enjoy laughing, and so enjoy Ben Greenman’s writing.


2 Replies to “Book reading tour rider.”

  1. We have posters! When Ben returns from his West Coast jaunt I will have him sign a very limited number of them and then sell them for millions of dollars.

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