“Cloud Atlas” to be made into film.

I’m not sure how this escaped my notice until now, but word on the street is that Tom Tykwer (who directed The International and Run Lola Run) is working with the Wachowski Brothers (The Matrix, V for Vendetta, Speed Racer) on an adaptation of David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.  Various film sites have essentially the same news about it; this site speculates on Natalie Portman being involved somehow.  (Which, for my money, would fall short of Kate Winslet but be a far sight better than Keira Knightley in  Never Let Me Go.)  

I’m not sure whether to tear my hair out and rend my garments, or to count down the days until it premieres.  I can’t imagine they’d stick with the fantastic cover below for the poster.  If Keanu Reeves is in it, I’m going to need horse tranquilizers to abate my furious disgust.



3 Replies to ““Cloud Atlas” to be made into film.”

  1. God help us is right. It seems like a small thing on the surface, I guess – a book being turned into a movie; who cares, except for a few bookworms? Maybe it’ll have a big audience, maybe it won’t. I don’t know, though; does everything have to be turned into something else for commerce? Does every square peg have to be crammed into a round hole? Couldn’t they leave “Curious George” and “Stuart Little” and “Cloud Atlas” alone? It suggests that the books themselves are not enough. And that fucking sucks.

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