Bet on literature and give books to kids.


Win-win, right?  Right.  See:


Based on many factors, a little pseudo-science and a hunch or two, here’s how we have handicapped the Fifth Annual Morning News Tournament of Books. Place your $20 bet and help us buy a truckload of new books for underprivileged kids.


Bet Netherland 2/1
Bet 2666 3/1
Bet The White Tiger 3/1
Bet Unaccustomed Earth 7/2
Bet A Mercy 9/2
Bet The Northern Clemency 5/1
Bet Home 6/1
Bet Shadow Country 6/1
Bet The Lazarus Project 8/1
Bet My Revolutions 10/1
Bet The Dart League King 17/1
Bet Steer Towards Rock 20/1
Bet City of Refuge 20/1
Bet …History of Frankie Landau-Banks 20/1
Bet Harry, Revised 30/1
Bet A Partisan’s Daughter 30/1

Bet Bet $20 on Every Book: $320



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