The numbers behind the fuzzy green mold: the Kindle and Open Source.

bezos3moldy_sandwich3Jeff Bezos’s sandwich continues to decompose. Tech uberguru and Twittersuperstar Tim O’Reilly weighs in on the Amazon Kindle’s preordained obsolescence in this article, taking more of a numbers and logic approach than my former post.  The whole thing’s a good read, but here’s an excerpt:

In developing the business plan for the Kindle, Amazon was no doubt influenced by the great success of Apple (nasdaq:AAPL – news – people ) with the iPod: Proprietary hardware and proprietary file formats made Apple into the kingpin of the digital music industry. But what Amazon seems to have missed is the important role that “free” played in the success of the iPod. People didn’t populate their iPods solely with music purchased from Apple. It was easy for them to “rip” their own CDs into the standard mp3 file format and load their entire music collection onto the device.

While users can load some of their own documents onto the Kindle, there is no easy way to “rip” a book. But with epub-based readers, there are millions of free titles available, and books are available from many vendors, each able to experiment with new business models. Buy a print book, get an e-book free? Buy a print book and e-book for one low price? Buy one, get one free? Buy in multiple formats?

Apple has played the same game to perfection with the iPhone App Store. The Cupertino company seems to have a knack for balancing the benefits of both open and closed architectures that Amazon has yet to discover. While Apple maintains tight control over what goes into the App Store, there’s a loophole big enough to drive a truck through: Any Web page can act as an application for the iPhone.

Open allows experimentation. Open encourages competition. Open wins. Amazon needs to get with the program. Or, like AOL and MSN, Amazon will wind up another online pioneer who ends up a belated guest at the party it planned to host.

And nobody likes the guest who shows up late to the party with a sackful of disgusting moldy sandwiches. (Even Ticknor knew better.)


One Reply to “The numbers behind the fuzzy green mold: the Kindle and Open Source.”

  1. Have to concur – if Amazon’s closed Kindle model is the play they’re going with, then they are not going to win the game. But, I am guessing that the theory posited over on Teleread by BookGlutton’s Aaron Miller ( maybe closer to what is going on — sowing the embers to “dominate the online social reading space.” Kindle is just part of the evil (insert Bezos’ maniacal laugh here) plan.

    (p.s.:For more fun with Jeff Bezos in silly outfits see,

    ~ Kat

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