The weekend.

Settling in after going out with my 5 yr old to our first Girl Scout “Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance” (all together now:  awww.)  Was that Stephen Elliot, talking to his daughter (??!!) about doing one good thing for someone every day?  Was that really Steve Jobs, suddenly healthy, doing the cha-cha?  What was Herc from The Wire doing at a Girl Scout dance?  Very strange.  Doppelgänger Dance.

Lots of good stuff to look at in the “Related” sidebar – an essay by Maud Newton about the time she helped a prostitute hide from her (Maud’s) father;  Soft Skull Publishing’s Richard Nash on the biz during a recession; ideas for independent bookstores; scuttlebutt about Amazon maybe having something a bit grander than Krapple 2.0 up their sleeves for the “big announcement” this week; The Daily Beast launches an underwhelming Book Beast; and, finally, thanks to the ever-quickening obsolescence of technology, the once $40,000 price tag for The Complete New Yorker DVD-ROM (give or take) is now $19.99!!!  Fantastic, except my netbook doesn’t have a DVD-ROM drive.  Too late, New Yorker.  (Now, if someone out there jimmy page could get around to dropping the price on the Complete Led Zeppelin box set down a bit from the exact same outrageously high price it was at ten years ago when it was first released, that would be something to get me shopping.  Come on, someone, I know you’re reading this site.)


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