461 + 2666.

Sarah Weinman read 462 books in 2008, including the large 2666. What th’!?

She also has a blog (the regularly updated kind, not this kind), is active on Twitter, has one or more day jobs, and built a life-size model replica of J.M. Coetzee out of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and bookbinding glue.

She eats books for breakfast.


3 Replies to “461 + 2666.”

  1. I read that many books too. I read Star Wars the Clone Wars, the entire George and Martha series, lots of Seuss, and so on. That’s where my reading time went!

  2. Wow. 462 books plus jobs, blogs, and other hobbies? I am interested to know how much she sleeps at night? Is she a speed reader? I am fascinated.

  3. I read like that when I was young, into my twenties, it was just natural to me. But I enjoy reading slower now and 30 years on I wonder how it was possible, with good retention too. She’s just gifted that way I suppose. it was an interesting article, thank you.

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