• An essay about Saramago and Death with Interruptions
  • Revealing the many fine New England-based lit journals
  • If you’re buying books for a penny through online superstores, you’re shooting yourself in the foot
  • of Maine reviews Synecdoche, New York
  • Get in early on The Northville Review
  • All the best bits from The New Yorker 2008 that you’ve already read, collected in one place
  • David Lynch’s fave films, filmmakers
  • For Christmas, got a nice Italian lit journal from the missus with stories and interviews with Haruki Murakami, Russell Banks, and others.  Very great.  After Christmas, I received review copies of Keith Lee Morris’ The Dart League King (which Maud rightly praised here) and an audiobook edition of The Elements of Style, which I think I publicly drooled over on these pages at some point.  I’ve only had time to listen to the introductions.  It makes me want to give Frank McCourt a hug.

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