Worst books of 2008.

Not from me, but from Citizen Reader.  A sample with which I concur:

5. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski. Hamlet, retold from a dog’s point of view (basically), over the course of about 200 more pages (562 pages total) than were necessary. Um, why do I care again? Oh yes, it’s an Oprah book, and one of the most “buzzed about” titles of the year. I don’t know who this Buzz is but I’m thinking he and I don’t share the same taste in books.


4 Replies to “Worst books of 2008.”

  1. Sure, but there’s no train I’d rather be on. At least on it we’re all reading, not boring others by blabbing our lives into cell phones, and there’s nary an Oprah book in sight.

  2. Tickets, please! What’s the final destination for the Sawtelle-Hater Express? And are you guys riding coach or first class?

    You see, I didn’t actually read the book, because it just looks dull, especially from a B&N display. But dullness sums up most of Oprah’s book selections. And I don’t give her much credit for the McCarthy and Faulkner picks of yesteryear, because she hopped on those trains long after most of us had gotten off.

    And her club, when you think about it, isn’t even that well-rounded. Has she ever picked a translated novel? Or even a British novel? Yeesh. No wonder that Nobel guy thinks Americans are too insular–he probably judges us based on Oprah! Not that I can hold that against him, as he doesn’t live here and has to view us through a narrow prism.

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