Cover shots.

Interesting, how there’s always something out there on the internets you didn’t know about, always a New Favorite Site.  Karen Templer’s “Readerville” site has an ongoing series of “coveted covers” and, by way of excerpt, I’m including the following entry.  It’s for one of my favorite covers of the year; it begs to be released as a poster.  (Am I the only one who thinks there’s a market for selling posters of book covers?)
Then again, not exactly the best choice for me to hang in my office, given my profession.
No. 186

“Atmospheric Disturbances” by Rivka Galchen

Rivka Galchen’s much-talked-about debut novel sounds both trippy and moving. It’s the story of a psychiatrist who suspects his wife is a simulacrum and embarks on a quest to find the woman he married. Atmospheric Disturbances is a great title, and Billie Jean has designed and illustrated a fantastic cover—to borrow one of DG’s favorite lines, I truly find it hard to take my eyes off of it. It evokes the doodles and drawings so many of us made on our books while unable to pay attention in school. And it’s rendered in standard ink-pen colors: basic blue, black and red. The drawings cover the entire jacket—front, back and flaps—so you get the full obsessive effect. I have no idea what any of it has to do with the book’s plot (whether it is or isn’t relevant) but, as it happens, I couldn’t care less.


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