Best Covers of 2008.

The Book Design Review’s annual Covers list is up.  I looked more at the covers than at the design notes, but where’s the Chip Kidd entry?

My two cents: I found fewer covers to like in the list this year, but some are striking; the Man in the Dark cover is good, and I voted for Sharp Teeth.  The cover for Violence is great.  A bunch of them are eyesores, though, with dizzying patterns and color choices.  For some reason, Obsession is leading in the polls.  I don’t see it, but head over and decide for yourself.

I’ll do up a post on my personal favorites once I’m home and have them in front of me.  And after I clean up the fluorescent bulb shattered across the basement floor, dislodged by rigorous five-year-old dancing to “Jingle Bell Rock.”  (Should’ve stuck with the Guaraldi.)


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