Holdin’ on to what’s golden.

Fans of Doris Lessing &/or The Golden Notebook, take note:

On November 10th, The Institute for the Future of the Book kicks off an experiment in close reading. The seven women listed below will read Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook and carry on a conversation in the margins. The seven readers will also record their reactions to the process in a group blog. There is also a public forum in which everyone who is reading along and following the conversation can post their comments on the book and the process itself.

You can read it online at the site (or, if you’re Oprah, you can pull your Kindle down from its pedestal high atop the Oprah Approved Widgets Menagerie and look at it through the magic of Bezoshappypower) but you are encouraged by the Seven Women to buy a damn book.

Bookninja, take note: one of the women looks like Lisa Loeb.


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