So You Think You Can Govern.

You like that headline?  Give me a break, this crap writes itself.

McCain, he knows how to manage money, eh?  He's the guy to take our stinking carcass of an economy, tighten some belts, and make the most of limited resources to correct our course.

I added some boldtype for you:

WASHINGTON – An acclaimed celebrity makeup artist for Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin collected more money from John McCain's campaign than his foreign policy adviser.
Amy Strozzi, who works on the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance"
and has been Palin's traveling stylist, was paid $22,800, according to campaign finance reports for the first two weeks in October. In contrast, McCain's foreign policy adviser, Randy Scheunemann, was paid $12,500, the report showed.

campaign said the payment covered a portion of her work in September
and a portion of October. An earlier campaign finance report showed
Strozzi was paid $13,200 for a portion of September.

In recent days, McCain and his running mate have tried to douse a furor over how their side spent their money. The Republican National Committee
came under scrutiny after the party committee reported earlier this
week that it had spent about $150,000 in September on wardrobe and
cosmetics after Palin joined the GOP ticket.

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune and Fox News on Thursday, Palin said the clothes bought for the Republican National Convention were not worth $150,000 and said most have not left her campaign plane. She also said the family shops frugally.

"Those clothes are not my property. We had three days of using clothes that the RNC purchased," Palin told Fox News in an interview that aired Thursday night.

Money well spent, Republican donors of America! 

I think the McCain campaign is still actively seeking donations.  Know that your dollars will be put to good use.

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One Reply to “So You Think You Can Govern.”

  1. Now, now, ease up, Matt. You can’t expect an ex-beauty queen/ex-TV sportscaster to do her own make-up or wear the same outfit twice, can you? Halloween horrors! Joe Six-Pack’s wife sure as hell has a wardrobe worth more than the house and enough disposable income to hire her own full-time make-up artist for $100,000 a year. You think Joe Plumber uses the same plunger on every job? She’s *connecting* with people, you see. She’s just your average moose-hunting hockey mom, no different than anyone else!

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