Condalmo’s Millions.

I’m experiencing an embarassment of riches lately, with review books, book gifts, and thrift-store finds leading to more books than I can manage.  (I’ll manage.)  Elbowing each other for my main focus today are Death With Interruptions, B.S. Johnson’s The Unfortunates, Per Petterson’s To Siberia, and a Dubus short story collection.  And that’s just the newest in the door.  It’s great to have so many exciting reads on deck, and frustrating, with so little time.


One Reply to “Condalmo’s Millions.”

  1. I know what you mean about having an embarrassment of riches. I’ve been practically robbing Borders and B&N of their bargain stock. It’s ridiculous! I mean, I picked up a massive, 3,000-page Norton anthology for a measly 3.99. A hardcover Bukowski for 7.99. I love robbing them of such good books.

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the Saramago. I’ll be starting up on “The Double” (yes, another bargain pick-up–3.99, if I remember correctly) pretty soon.

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