With a purpa on the rebba and a fitz-in-hand.

You heard it here first… because it’s a rumor, and might not be true.  (In which case, this post will probably vanish in the dead of night.)  But if it is, oh lordy.  For sale: every functioning organ of significant monetary value!:

ROCK legends LED ZEPPELIN are set for a reunion tour after singer ROBERT PLANT finally caved in and agreed to join them.

Guitarist JIMMY PAGE, 64, bassist JOHN PAUL JONES, 62, and drummer JASON BONHAM, 42, had resigned themselves to touring without Plant.

They even rehearsed with stand-in singers — and one American was so impressive they were confident they could hit the road next year without Plant.

That was what finally persuaded him to return.

That, and the pleading letters I mailed to Robert, one a week since 1985.  Just kidding.


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