Yannick Murphy and “The Good Word.”

I’m chagrined about many things today, so why not end on the same?  I let my subscription to One Story lapse, and next up they’ve got a Yannick Murphy story.  Excerpt:

On vacation we met a German. He wanted to go south to the ocean for two nights. He invited us along. There will be many buses to take, he said. In the end we would stay in a place he knew on the beach. He had stayed there once before. His name was Jurgen. We said okay while eating dinner in the dining room of the boarding house. We were tired of the food they served us. We were tired of the same old tablecloth that was never washed. We ate with our plate rims shadowing stains from our breakfasts of black beans spilled days before. We could use a few days vacation from our vacation.

He explained a German word for which there was no translation in English. It means a good feeling people have when they are together, he said, and then he said the word. We could not pronounce the word. Iris said how trying to say the word hurt her throat. She took a drink of her water, she touched her pale skin at her small Adam’s apple.

Friends: recommended!


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