• Benjamin Percy’s “Refresh, Refresh” is read at the most recent Selected Shorts.
  • No politics. If you want that, look under the unrelated heading, below.
  • A history of Little Blue Books.
  • Child-rearing: rewards versus bribery.
  • Again, kids: what’s wrong with American education?
  • Point taken. Without a doubt, the stuff I’ve been throwing up on here (in both senses) lately has been C-game stuff. Food for thought.
  • An appreciation of Strunk & White. Hey, did you know that there are people out there that think you should use your Strunk & White to wipe your bottom? It’s true! Here’s a fatuous argument that centers mostly on “gotcha, E.B.!” – as though we’re trying to catch the Pope with a Penthouse magazine. From there, here’s an article at Language Log that at least makes a considered argument. While also encouraging you to wipe your bottom. (With a book.)
  • I see that Joshua Henkin (Matrimony, That Post at Conversational Reading About Books about Writing That Didn’t Include “Old School” in the List, and Guest Blogging At TEV While Drinking Multiple Cups of Yuban Coffee) is going on his book tour, and will be coming up this way when he reads at 6:00P.M. on Thursday, November 6, at the RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH. A fine bookstore, which/that does not have any blogging employees.
  • Also! you can win yourself a free copy of Matrimony, “fondled and signed by the man himself,” if you’re willing to lie, count dudes, share your porn name (Chainsaw Washington) and condemn yourself to eternal damnation by speaking ill of the masters. Probably better to just go buy a copy.
  • Ebert: “How to Read a Movie.”
  • I keep a copy of Strunk & White in the bathroom.
  • To read.
  • My (vegetarian) wife just told me that her blog tag-cloud contains “beef stew” and “Knight Rider” and that she has no idea why this is the case.
  • Finally, lowering today’s content grade to D+: aerogel.

The days run away


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