If I tell you what this post is about, will you still love me in the morning?

While other bloggers kvetch and spasm over the recent spread of semicolon-related articles, I embrace them!   (The articles.)  Semicolon, I love you!  Freelancers writers with nothing new to add, I support you!  I cast my rhetorical coins of support into your proverbial PayPal tip jar!  I encourage your examination of this underappreciated punctuation issue!

Here’s something sort of new, if you think there can be anything new:

“I use semicolons and I never really enforced a hard-and-fast rule,” Kinsley responded recently by e-mail … “But if abuse is going to be common,” he continued, “it’s simpler and safer to have a flat-out rule. It’s like drug regulation. Drugs are banned sometimes because a minority of users will have negative side effects, or because taking them correctly is complicated, although many people could get it right and would find them helpful. Actually, I’m opposed to that kind of thinking re drugs, but I am OK with it regarding punctuation. Punctuation can’t save your life.”

Stop just saying no!

You can spell Mr. T without a semicolon
Nancy Reagan, saying yes

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