Arthur Krystal week at Harper’s.

Wyatt Mason will be looking into the form of the essay, and Arthur Krystal’s work in essays, this week at the Sentences blog.  I’m looking forward to it, as I’ve been spending some time lately with the writings of another fairly well-known essayist.

Speaking of whom, an anecdote:

When he was older and had achieved some fame, E.B. White was asked to record his classic story “Charlotte’s Web.” As those familiar with the story know, one of the most touching moments in American fiction occurs at the death of the lovable spider. The person overseeing the recording reported that White could not read the sentence, “Charlotte died,” without bursting into tears. After several unsuccessful takes, the author apologized and said it was ridiculous that he become so emotional about a story that he himself wrote. Finally, on the seventeenth try, he made it through without breaking down.”


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