Esquire’s Books Blog: low-class.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I signed up for Esquire’s “The Books Blog,” but it wasn’t this.

The Guardian, ever faithful to their top ten lists, compiled one for “literary virgins.” Not characters that never did it, but the people who created them.

The list takes some liberties, but it’s a good, gossipy read. The people you’d expect to be there are there, but there are some conspicuous absences. Or maybe Joyce Carol Oates is actually getting some action.

Hmmm, that might be it.  Except probably not, because her husband of 45 years just died. Morons.

UPDATE:  The last sentence has been removed from the post.  No apologies or explanations given by the post’s author, or by Esquire.


3 Replies to “Esquire’s Books Blog: low-class.”

  1. I thought Esquire’s little comment at the end was low, too. (I’m guilty of low blows in my blogging as well, so I can’t really tsk-tsk them.) I’ve been reading the blog for about a month or so, and it’s not all that great. It’s a relatively new blog, so I was willing to give it some time to find its feet and its voice. But I’m about ready to chuck it. Anya’s not very witty, and I can’t usually tell when she’s being funny, or just plain nihilistic.

    To be fair, though, I learned about Ma Jian from her, and picked up “Beijing Coma” earlier tonight, so it hasn’t been a total train wreck. But am I the only one who gets the sense that Anya’s just a hired gun, that she isn’t really all that passionate about books and reading? Maybe that’s the blog’s biggest problem. You can usually tell who cares and who doesn’t.

  2. Well, low blows toward making a point are one matter. Low blows to uphold a snickering “JCO, she’s not attractive, too busy writing to get into bed” – not cool. Low blows when somebody has just lost their partner of 45 years – completely unwarranted.

    I did a Google search on Anya – she could have given JCO the same, and avoided this huge mistake – apparently, she did something with KGB Lit a while back. Whatever.

    Let me know if “Beijing Coma” is any good. And good luck with that contest.

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