• In September, Barack Obama will publish a new book, “Change We Can Believe In,” comprising essays outlining policy proposals and seven “hit speeches” from the campaign trail.
  • Nam Le, interviewed at The Millions.
  • Levi on Random House caving in to pressure regarding the publishing The Jewel of Medina, purportedly about the life of one of the prophet Mohammed’s brides.
  • Gamers: what is to be made of the shrug-to-point ratio?
  • eReader v. Kindle. Or: the “Washington Senators” v. “the Bad News Bears, before they became Good News Bears.”  Scroll down in that post for my comment.
  • Fox News calls out McCain’s politics-as-usual.
  • John McCain is old and he takes a lot of naps.
  • Is it McCain/Clinton or Clinton/McCain? I hope people’s memories are long; 2012 will be here before you know it.
  • I’m working on a new Muxtape.  (See below.)  I’d hoped to do this weekly, but, you know.
  • Magazine sales drop; Rolling Stone to shrink in hopes of remaining becoming competitive. Good luck, Jann.
  • ZZZZZZ.  I just had a weekend home alone with my five year old.  That’ll cure your insomnia, I’ll tell you what.  She has wonderful energy.
  • Finally: from BookOfJoe, Wordle clouds from the Obama and McCain campaign websites.  Look at those and tell me which one belongs to which site.  Or go to Joe and get the answer.


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