Edwards, Edwards, Edwards.

The worst of it is that he was in contention (at least in theory, and in his mind) to be the nominee.  If he really cares about the issues he claims to – poverty, for instance – and unless he’s a dullard, he should have recognized that

  1. if he became the nominee, this affair would without a doubt have been found out by the right-wing;
  2. they would have used it to destroy him, and John McCain would have a free ticket to the White House.

Nothing mobilizes the right-wing like self-righteousness, and adultery in a Democratic candidate – that’s like throwing a raw steak into the piranha tank.  His plans to reform health care, abolish poverty, etc. – all D.O.A. when his affair comes to light.  For risking the possibility of change in this country – for trying to get into the White House, and steer the country with one hand behind his back, fingers crossed – for that, he should feel the most shame.

Cheating on your wife – your sick wife – is terrible, and what happens between them should stay between them.  But it wouldn’t, and having a Democrat nominee demolished by such a simple Achilles Heel is something he should have foreseen.  Then it’s not just between him and his wife; it’s between him, McCain, the affair, and the direction of the whole country.  He cheated on all of us by denying the affair and running for president.


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