Stephen Dixon is not on Facebook.

Imagine my delight (though I should have known better) when, aimlessly meandering around Facebook, I discover that Stephen Dixon is “friends” (you know) with one of my former co-workers! 


Because, see, Mr. Dixon gave my friend some sort of happy-flower thing, and the caption indicated the happy-flower was from Stephen Dixon, Condalmo-fave author of Interstate, I., Frog, 30 Pieces of a Novel, Old Friends, etc.!  Well, it didn’t list his novels.  But his name was there.

Upon sober reflection:

  1. He would not be using a computer.
  2. Even if he was – now being retired, and perhaps frisky – would he be using Facebook?
  3. Even if this was true (a stretch already!) would he be sending happy-dragon-baby things to people?
  4. Would he know my former co-worker, a dedicated non-reader?

I really should have known better.  Ladies and gentlemen, the other Stephen Dixon:


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