Chris Adrian “interview” at Bookslut.

Not to be a killjoy here or anything, because I’m loving Chris Adrian’s new story collection and anytime a new interview appears, count me in.  However, as I’m on my way out the door, I just quickly scanned this one; planning to read it later.  My quick look yielded the following not-too-promising nuggets:

How old are you?


Do you know a lot of writers?

Well, all the people I know from grad school who I kept in touch with.

OK, next, Chris, what’s your sign?!  I bet you’re an Aries!!

There’s also this:

Brothers are another big topic, really in almost everything that you’ve written. Gob’s Grief definitely, and The Children’s Hospital definitely, and in several of the stories. Did you actually have a brother that died?

Did you actually ask him using those specific words?  Because I’m sitting here, saying that last sentence aloud, putting emphasis on different words each time, and there just doesn’t seem to be a way for that sentence to be okay.  Extra credit to Adrian for not hanging up on this ill-prepared interviewer at this point.


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