Promise breaking changeling.

I received Chris Adrian’s forthcoming collection of stories, A Better Angel, in the mail yesterday.

Hot damn! that guy can write.  I put aside my other current reads (because Dr. Gal-Chen prefers that I decide what I want to read, and when) to have a look, in particular for his story “Promise Breaker,” which originally appeared in Esquire, right here you cheapskate.  But seriously, go read that story, and tell me if it doesn’t knock you over.  I don’t want to say anything about what the story tackles, but I felt it did justice in a good, solid way to the event referenced – which is especially fitting, given the requests/demands of the boy in the story.  I keep telling people to read it, and here it is again: go read it.  It is included in the collection (renamed “The Changeling”) and reading it again last night, it hadn’t lost anything.  Great stuff.


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