• Short roundup today; the lawn calls.
  • Interesting article on changing/fixing diction when it comes to quoting from the internet for “more esteemed” (my words, not theirs) sources.
  • Not everybody is a slut for the New York Times.
  • Translating Pessoa.
  • Why we read fiction.
  • Watch documentary films for free.
  • Serif’s Lament.
  • Soft Skull recommends Nick Hornsby writing on eBooks; hell freezes.
  • Drink coffee, stay up all night reading, raise awareness about books, meet interesting and attractive book enthusiasts, enter into ill-advised micro-relationship in the “History” section, wake up at 2:00PM the next day in someone else’s clothes – or, not.
  • Finally, a picture from yesterday, right before the mobile died.  Have a good weekend.

You've been thunderstruck


2 Replies to “Roundup.”

  1. I like the snapshot– sort of reminds me of what you would find in a shoebox full of polaroids, and in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula (a two-lane highway cut through a forest with plots of land squared out for gas stations and other temporary dwellings).

  2. I like the snapshot, too. But I like rainy/cloudy days.

    Interesting article on the NYT, though it left me a little baffled. Then again, I’m not one who reads a lot into the news (unless it’s the Washington Post, which I absolutely despise–how a left-leaning online pub like Slate is affiliated with such a right-leaning newspaper is beyond me; for the recond, I hate Slate, too). I subscribe to the NYT in my feedreader, so I admit that I don’t read every single article that pops up. I mostly depend on the headlines and short summaries for my news. But I don’t know how seriously I can take an article in which one of the interviewees is the editor of Gawker.

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