• The NYT on the popularity of Salmonella Pirate Booty.
  • Sharing music legally?  I’ve got "Bron Y Aur" playing right now on repeat.
  • The NYRB magazine has an excerpt from Per Petterson, whose Out Stealing Horses might be my next read.  It’s also got Russell Baker, Claire Messud, and an essay by Zadie Smith on Kafka.
  • From the haus comes this Flickr set of downsizing.
  • Heyyy, I like it!  (viaaaa!)
  • I’m always interested when a litblogger pulls out all the stops and goes beyond talking about why they loved a book, what made it so great, and actually asks you to read it.  I’ve only thought about going there a few times – that’s the big gun, and you don’t want to squander it on something you’ll look back on in six months and wonder why you were so excited.  You only want to go that extra step when you really really really think you can be sure that almost everyone reading will enjoy it in some way.  Scott Esposito wants you to read this book
  • The Millions has a couple of posts on another next possible read here, Netherland.
  • Anthony Heald is the narrator for the audiobook version of Our Story Begins.  Anyone bought this?  Anyone want to tell me their opinion?
  • Again with the pulling-out-of-the-stops:  Matt Cheney loved Stoner, which (like Scott’s pick) is from NYRB (the book publisher).
  • I want to like TC Boyle, I do, but I read his A Friend of the Earth and never looked back.  He gets another shot when I get around to reading him in the new New Yorker.
  • If I get some time later today, I’ll have something to say about Murakami’s new book, but let me entice you with this:  upon finishing it last night, I fell into a coma-like deep sleep.

2 Replies to “Roundup.”

  1. Matthew,

    As a longtime Boyle reader, and one who never really finished AFoTE, I’d definitely nudge your towards Drop City (Which might even be his best, though the younger me that read World’s End considers that statement to be nearly sacrilegious), and probably even Talk Talk.

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