“The Dying Animal” film adaptation.

"An unusual and interesting cast," says the missus.  I’d have to concur:

Driven by Isabel Coixets visually assured and deeply observant
direction, Elegy charts the passionate relationship between a
celebrated college professor and a young woman whose beauty both
ravishes and destabilizes him. As their intimate connection transforms
them more than either could imagine a charged sexual contest evolves into
an indelible love story. With humanistic warmth, wry wit and erotic
intensity, Elegy explores the power of beauty to blind, to reveal and
to transform.

Academy Award®-winner Ben Kingsley and Oscar®-nominee Penelope Cruz,
with extraordinary supporting performances from Dennis Hopper, Patricia
Clarkson and Peter Sarsgaard, Elegy is based on Pulitzer Prize-winner
Philip Roths short novel The Dying Animal.

I think Cruz is a rotten choice to play the student – too old, too slender, too Muppet.  (She looks like a Muppet.)  (Plus, Tom Cruise, right, and who wants to think about him while watching an adaptation of a Roth book?  Nobody!)  Still, she’s not painful to look at, exactly, and Kingsley is great, Patricia Clarkson is my girlfriend, Peter Sarsgaard is good & married to Maggie, which is meaningless to the film but nevertheless.  And Dennis Hopper?  Pabst Blue Ribbon!!  They had me at Dennis Hopper.


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