John McCain is going off the rails on a crazy train.

Does the man have anyone advising him?  I mean, I don’t think he should be groomed into blandness like Gore was, but come on, the guy’s making daily blunders.  From his green screen animatronic response to Obama securing the nomination, to asserting yesterday that he wants to lower taxes for corporations (are those the same corporations making record profits while you and I pay $4 at the pump and the economy’s completely in the toilet?  why, yes) and make Bush’s tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans permanent (seeing how marvelously that stimulated the economy), to this on the Today show this morning:

What?  His campaign is trying to spin it as Obama/Democrat spin, and pointing to the full transcript, which includes the following (picking up where the above video left off):

American casualties and the ability to withdraw; we will be able to
withdraw. General [David] Petraeus is going to tell us in July when he
thinks we are.

“But the key to it is that we don’t want any more Americans in harm’s
way. That way, they will be safe, and serve our country and come home
with honor and victory, not in defeat, which is what Senator Obama’s
proposal would have done. I’m proud of them. And they’re doing a great
job. And we are succeeding and it’s fascinating that Senator Obama
still doesn’t realize that.”

It’s fascinating that you don’t realize that you just said it’s not too important, dumbass, which is the first part of your statement and the part people are going to remember, and then you explained that the important thing is actually reducing American casualties, and inferred that as long as casualties are reduced, we’ll just be keeping a whole of troops there indefinitely.  Nice!  That explanation will sit well with military families – as long as fewer people are dying, why not keep them in a dangerous war-torn country, away from their families?  Pretty callous, dude.  I think the Democrats are responding a bit hysterically – they should focus on not only "that’s not important" but also the context, because just focusing on McCain’s callousness isn’t enough – it needs to be made clear why he’s taking this stance.  Which is American Empire.

What will tomorrow bring?  I predict McCain will announce that he doesn’t support increasing education benefits for returning soldiers.  Wait, nevermind, already did that!

UPDATE:  No sooner do I close this post and click over to my reader do I get a vision of the future:

And most disturbingly, McCain told a Cheney biographer in 2006 that
he would want Cheney serving in his administration, should he be
elected president:

"I will strongly assert to you that he has been of enormous
help to this president of the United States… I don’t know if I would
want him as vice president. He and I have the same strengths. But to serve in other capacities? Hell, yeah."

Yeah, he’d make a top-notch secretary of defense, wouldn’t he?  Wouldn’t he, John?  John? …


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