The missus.

She is starting a blog.


One Reply to “The missus.”

  1. Ahh, I see you finally gave her the blogging bug.

    Hers was an interesting post, considering I know next to nothing about children. My nephew is six and he’s the only kid I’ve known who’s already a vegetarian. He loves his veggies and usually picks at meat. He lives in Colorado, and his mother’s “parenting” style consists mainly of parking him in front of the Xbox while she gets on MySpace. So when Brayden visits, we only let him have his video games for a bit. Other times, he swims, bikes, helps dad work on the truck. My mom is infuriated with Bray’s mother, and even offers to pay for him to be put in Little League or something, but no, that’ll take away from Mandy’s MySpacing. (Sigh.)

    If anything, your wife’s post reinforces my terror of children. I like kids–it’s the thought of being responsible for a person’s well-being, of being a huge part of shaping someone’s personality, morality, etc., that terrifies me. And I think about my nephew–who’s pretty well-adjusted, consider his main talent is kicking ass at Xbox–and wonder what kind of damage his mother might be doing by letting him play so many video games.

    Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned. My favorite toy as a kid was my bicycle.

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