“Good afternoon. I’m here from Condalmo. I’ll be closing your store today.”

My wife shared with me this morning that our local Waldenbooks is closing forever.  Do you have a Waldenbooks near you?  Not for long!  Kelly Johnson reports from 2007:

Borders Group Inc. announced Thursday that it is changing strategy
to focus on its core domestic superstore business and will close 250
Waldenbooks stores over two years and convert most of its international
stores into franchises.

Borders (NYSE: BGP) of Ann Arbor, Mich., has not yet "defined lists
of which stores will be closing," spokeswoman Anne Roman told the
Sacramento Business Journal on Thursday morning.

Waldenbooks has 10 locations in Wisconsin, including Milwaukee-area
stores at Southridge Mall in Greendale and at Regency Mall in Racine.
Borders has six Wisconsin locations, including a Greendale store
adjacent to Southridge.

Borders’ plan includes dumping Amazon.com as its online retailer and creating a new proprietary Borders.com Web site early next year…

Yeah, that’ll work.  I’ve always yearned for a "magic shelf."

So the local one is closing.  It’s been there just about as long as the Mall it’s in, which only my father remembers as the site of a long lost pig farm, so what, thirty-five years?  I went there often as a child, roaming the science fiction and comic/comedy books aisles with my grandmother, blah blah childhood memories blah love of books blah blah, everything in the store 40%-75% off oh shit let’s go right now!

Money was spent:

The Intellectual Devotional


A Light in the Attic

All the Sad Young Literary Men


Unaccustomed Earth

The Book of Other People

Angelina Ballerina

The Great Man

The Kite Runner

Innocent Traitor

A Tranquil Star

In Defense of Food

Abundance: A Novel of Marie Antoinette

The Meaning of Night

Life of Pi

The Dance of Anger

Ines of My Soul

Their Eyes Were Watching God

The Mermaid Chair

Oof, I can’t believe I linked the whole thing.  Purchases made through links will serve to defray the cost of these additions to our now completely unmanageable to-be-read list.


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