Sleepingfish ZZZ arrives.

This just in.

Sleepingfish issue ZZZ is now available for your reading pleasure:   

It features work by David Wirthlin, David Hollander, John Dermot Woods,
Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi, Rick Moody, Miranda Mellis, Patrick
Leonard, James Reich, Paul Kavanagh, Elizabeth Ellen, Kate Hill
Cantrill, Brian Foley, Nathan Pendlebury, Christopher Chambers, Ladee
Hubbard, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Eugene Lim, Kim Chinquee , Dana Miceli,
Marin Buschel, Nick Bredie, Ed Taylor, PF Potvin, Nan Burton, Kathy
Fish, Norman Lock, Kathryn Regina, Cliff Benston, James Grinwis, Astrid
Cravens, Dawn Raffel, Tara Rebele, Joshua Ware & Rachel May, Ali
Aktan Askin and Jac Jemc.


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