Stacy Malkan reading. Dress: casual.

Not perhaps something you’d expect me to link to, but an upcoming reading at Longfellow Books:

Wednesday, May 7th at 7 pm
Stacy Malkan
Author of Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry

Join us this Wednesday when author and activist Stacy Malkan will be here to talk about her new book, Not Just a Pretty Face. The event is made possible by a local non-profit organization, the Enviromental Health Strategy Center. Stacy is the communications director of Health Care Without Harm, and in 2002, helped launch the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics after a startling discovery: the presence of industrial chemicals linked to birth defects in 70% of personal products tested (You can read the full report here). She spent a decade as an investigative journalist, and in recent years has been leading the fight to keep dangerous chemicals out of everyday products.

Not Just a Pretty Face is more than just disturbing statistics and unreported dangers. It’s also the compelling story of the scientists, politicians, and activists engaged in this ongoing fight, and their struggles and successes. It’s even the story of Stacy herself:

"I admit, I was a teenage make-up diva. I had an elaborate morning ritual involving eight types of make-up and multiple hair products, topped off with a generous cloud of Aqua Net Extra Super Hold hair spray. Twenty years later, I learned that my beauty routine was exposing me to 200 chemicals a day, many of them toxic–all before I even left the house to get on the school bus!"

The good news is, all is not lost. Not all companies are using dangerous substances, and thanks to the efforts of people like Stacy Malkan (and some great new resources–check out the Skin Deep Database) consumers can make informed choices about what they put in their bodies. So stop by this Wednesday, and educate yourself. Remember, knowledge is power.


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