A strange and not entirely welcome balance.

Do you ever get to a place where you don’t want any more books?  I’ve got so many unread books, yet there’s always something I’m interested in checking out, some new author (for me) whose back catalog is beckoning.  It’s always 75% "want more books," 25% "that’s enough for now." 

I won a Powell’s gift card the other day, and was looking at my wish list last night, trying to decide what to get before my postage pass expires.  And there’s good stuff on the list, but I’ve got good stuff lined up already.  I didn’t buy anything, and thinking about it, I realized that even with money for new books, there isn’t anything I want to spend it on right now. 

Should I call the doctor?

UPDATE: Never mind.  Phew for a minute there


One Reply to “A strange and not entirely welcome balance.”

  1. I sometimes get to the point where I don’t want any books. I’m not a book hoarder. I can’t have fifty books lined up, or I’ll get overwhelmed. But if I see a nice deal on a book I want, I’ll buy it. I found “The Raw Shark Texts” at Borders for 6 bucks. I won’t start it for a bit, but it’s one I knew I wanted to read anyway.

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