In the dictionary.

Okay people, let’s talk about good dictionaries.  Comment or e-mail me.  I want to know what dictionary you recommend, and why.  I haven’t bought a new dictionary in well over ten years, so I need to shop around.  Thanks.

UPDATE ONE:  No sooner do I post this, Grant Barrett comprehensively responds!  The man moves quickly.  However, no actual recommendations, just guidelines, so let me know your favorites.


3 Replies to “In the dictionary.”

  1. I’m fond of The American Heritage Dictionary. Though it must be said that the only dictionary that matters in publishing is Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate. Since I use that one on a daily basis, it’s starting to win me over.

  2. I love the copyeditor’s best friend: Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 11th edition.

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