Lennon and the terrible music.

Funny story: I was at work tonight, talking for a few minutes on the phone with my wife.  She asked me if I’d listened to Selected Shorts tonight.  No, says I, why?  She told me that she put it on to listen to while settling the littlest child into bed, thinking the description of the show sounded nice, with music provided by "some quartet" – but apparently, the music "made (her) ears bleed," was horrible, awful, no-good "sort of Chinese orchestral jazz noise, or something" – and the radio was louder than she’d anticipated, the baby wasn’t going to sleep, she couldn’t reach the radio to turn it off, and – the worst – "the music made me actually want to listen to the theme music for Maine Things Considered instead."  Which, let me tell you, is pret-ty godawful.  We had a good laugh. 

I just got home a few minutes ago and figured I’d take a quick (ha!) look at Google Reader, and hey, there’s tonight’s episode of Selected Shorts, all lined up.  I open it to see if it says anything about the Earbleed Quartet – and the featured story is by Condalmo friend J. Robert Lennon, he of Ward Six and also Books That Have Been Published On Paper And Read!  I’ll have to ask her in the morning if she listened to the story.  I gleefully anticipate a string of venomous invective toward the Quartet, followed by a no, after which I reveal my tenuous yet genuine connection to the author, to be met with likely-deserved skepticism/disinterest!


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