No, not because Condalmo favorite Remainder got eliminated today.  (It must be said, though – I thought Wiggins got faint praise, and McCarthy got a bunch of sour grapes.  But I enjoy Liberman’s Language Log, and appreciate his willingness to part with the book – e-mail me for my address, Mr. Liberman.  I’ll give that little orphan a good home.  Condalmo’s the name, Gmail’s my game.)

The hiatus is because of my upcoming exam.  I don’t think I’ve talked about it much here, but my graduate degree is in clinical counseling (and rehabilitation counseling – largely work around assisting people with disabilities in employment – though my interests fall more in the clinical field) and I’ve got my licensing exam coming up shortly.  Private practice as a therapist (mental health, possibly specializing in elder issues) is the eventual goal.  First, the exam, and then we’ll see what comes next.  So things are going to go quiet – no, really – around here for a while, while I direct my attention to the studies.  It’s been some time since I was in school, so I want to be thorough in my reviewing. 

I’ll be checking my e-mail periodically (Mr. Liberman) but will be avoiding fiction, this site, and my Google Reader.  Especially the reader.  It just ate twenty minutes of my evening.  Back, you monster!


4 Replies to “Hiatus.”

  1. DAMN IT!

    What a lousy day. First “Remainder,” now Condalmo.

    All kidding aside, best of luck with the exam. When I took my hiatus last spring, during my move, I loved it, and was a bit reluctant to come back. It’s nice to take a breather from the internets.

  2. Well, good luck! First Champion, then Syntax, now you!!! I guess I’m going to have some free time on my hands.

    Seriously: best of luck. You’ll do great.

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