RIP LitBlog Co-Op.

From Dan comes notice that the Litblog Co-Op is shutting down:

The Litblog Co-op
is closing down, mainly because so many of its members have become so
preoccupied with their own blogs, as well as other literary endeavors
that in some cases their blogs helped to make possible, that they could
not devote the kind of time and attention required to keep a
loosely-affiliated group like the LBC functioning adequately. The LBC
was formed with a specific mission to highlight books that weren’t
being discussed much, or at all, in mainstream book sections by putting
the collective authority of the then better-known literary weblogs
behind the selection of one book per quarter the group believed was
worth readers’ attention.

I’d like to take the LBC’s dissolution as an opportunity to not only
reflect on its success in highlighting such books but also on the
evolution of the literary blog from the time (actually only 3-4 years
ago) when "literary weblog" seemed merely a peculiar conjunction of
words to the present moment, when the litblog has become sufficiently
established that numerous print-based critics have attacked literary
blogs for encroaching on their territory (the gates to which they
apparently intend to keep)…

…which he then does (reflect), and while his observations are interesting, his multiple-use of the word "litblogosphere" is making this site my next stop.  Because that word sucks.


4 Replies to “RIP LitBlog Co-Op.”

  1. in the spirit of swiping, i was never really that into their books choices. maybe the collective watering down caused to it to be less interesting. i think when u read a books blog (in the bloogosophere) you appreciate that one person’s aesthetic. or not. but it was a nice idea anyway.

  2. I think there was a lot of unrealized potential. Get hooked up with libraries, bookstores; they love a theme for recommending books. MOVE THAT PRODUCT

    “Television” was good, and I’m guessing the Martone book was good, based on the short stories of his that I’ve read. Others, not so interesting.

    I’m sure someone will resurrect it eventually.

  3. I think Dan has it exactly right that the first selection sort of got them off on the wrong foot. Even so, I read a handful of good books through them, but my own interests veered far away from contemporary fiction, so I stopped paying attention (the Martone looked interesting, but I didn’t have the funds).

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