Richard bravely brings Snoop Dogg and Marcel Proust in on the same post.  (And Everlast.)  Joke lead from me, ha ha, but it’s an interesting comment on the rare occurrence of all the right elements falling into place with creativity.  Excerpt:

I think we get so caught up in evaluation and
assessment and moving on to the next big thing (or the next small
thing) that we too rarely stop to consider how amazing artistic
creation is. I commented to Tom’s post that "the line between something
awesome being created and not is that vanishingly thin." This is
probably true to the point of banality, but at times I ponder it, in
something like astonishment. When listening to a song, one that seems
just so, and yet comprised, perhaps, of what might have otherwise
seemed like incongruous elements, I sometimes become forcefully aware
of how easily it could have been otherwise.

Not banal; just rare, that someone appreciates that magic.  We take for granted that we live in an age and country that are more geared toward entertainment than nearly anything. 


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