Sign the PEN China petition.

Via Amitava Kumar‘s site: Francine Prose, PEN President, has sent the following letter to PEN members.  There’s a link below.  You can also go here.

am writing to ask each and every one of you to stand up and be counted
in support of our campaign to free 38 writers and journalists from
prison in China.

As part of our We Are Ready for Freedom of
Expression campaign, PEN American Center will be delivering a petition
to the Chinese Consulate in New York on April 30, 2008–100 days before
the Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies–requesting the release of our
jailed colleagues and seeking an end to internet censorship and other
restrictions on freedom of expression in China. We want to make sure
the name of every single member of PEN American Center is included
among the thousands of signatures we are gathering for this petition.

If you have not already done so, please take a moment right now to sign this petition:

efforts will make a difference. Since the launch of this campaign on
December 10, 2007, four writers and journalists have been released from
Chinese prisons.

If you would like to do more, also sign our
parallel petition to United States Congress to prohibit U.S. internet
companies from helping China censor the internet and jail
cyber-dissidents. Visit our campaign page at:

your help and the help of all who support literature and freedom to
write, we will free many more of our jailed colleagues before the
Olympic Games begin.


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