And we’re back.

Life around here lately has been like "Mickey Blue Eyes", the Hugh Grant vehicle from some time ago where British meets mob life – think "Keeping Up Appearances" meets "Goodfellas" without the laughs – in that there’s been a whole lot of nonsense, and one or two genuinely funny moments to break the stupor.  ("Fug-ged about did?")  I mean this site, and life in general.  I’ve been sidelined from work by a disablity; the insurance company has delivered on the promise of "Sicko" and as such, my short term disability coverage is, in fact, useless.  This has left us in financial dire straits, scrambling to figure out the mortgage, the childcare, the groceries.  Medication changes have sent me into highs and lows, neither of which especially manageable.  Not everything has been bad, of course; my daughters and wife have had general good health, got a regular reviewing gig with a magazine, we didn’t lose all of our photos saved on the ill computer (no backup copies! dumb!)  But still.  If the difficulties weren’t enough to put the kibosh on updating Condalmo, the computer breaking down sealed it.  Working on the site with a mobile phone: joyless.

Well, the computer’s back.  So, there may be an increase in posting here.  (Remainder v. Old People Sex!  It’s got to be Remainder, or I’m moving.)  But it’s going to be spotty; I’m in the final weeks of preparing to sit for the counseling exam, and there’s still the matter of the disability, the bills.  I considered the idea of shifting the content of this site, for a while, more toward the personal side; I don’t know, though.  Anyone want the details on a sleep disorder?

A little bit of housecleaning:

  • Fonts every designer should own, and somewhat-irked-designers’ blood spilled in the comments.
  • More about The Last Samurai, which I’ve had in the "when I have a lot of time" pile for a while.
  • Don’t write what you know.
  • Hobart (have you seen the calendar?  The Canada/America issue?  Nice) links to Lamination Colony, with Michael Martone and David Markson – sort of.
  • "It is not a book to be left where a sensitive child may come upon it at twilight," a librarian reviewer wrote.
  • "So accept this token of our love / Which is now in the past / For you to unleash / Upon unchartered toast!"

  • Small Press Month.



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