This boy’s curtain of tortilla chips.

I’ll bet I screwed that subject up in some way.  Regardless, with this brief window of internetconnectivity, I’d like to arrive late to the party (iTunes was on The Dead Computer) and point you to T.C. Boyle’s reading of/conversation about T. Wolff’s Bullet in the Brain.  Someone tell me if it’s any good, because the Geek Squad hasn’t got their highway robbery hands on T.D. Computer yet.  Blue corn chips are the tops, by the way.

3 Replies to “This boy’s curtain of tortilla chips.”

  1. Hey, thanks for the heads-up! That was a great link. I LOVE that story, and Boyle’s reading is good — he says some interesting things about fiction that sets up a comic universe only to have something poignant develop — Flannery O’Connorishly.
    So, yeah. Hope your computer’s fixed soon!

  2. You know, Tobias Wolff has written some wonderful stories, and I just don’t get why “Bullet in the Brain,” one of the most dreadful stories I’ve ever read, is what he got famous for. Dear God, I hate that story. Why not “Smorgasbord”? Why not “Garden of the North American Martyrs”?

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