Maine caucus.


Above: camera-phone picture of my local caucus, just before speechifying commenced.

Town Hall was mobbed.  All the town halls were mobbed.  Speeches for the candidates fell along predictable lines; Clinton supporters essentially highlighted her work in the Senate, her accomplishments there, her understanding of Washington.  Canned; wooden.  Obama speech-makers were fairly passionate, talking about how they felt that someone like this only comes along once in a great while, and while Clinton is a strong candidate, Obama inspires people.  They pointed out that he’s more likely to win independent voters than Clinton; they pointed out her polarizing nature; little was said about his policy plans.  My elder daughter sang "Obama, Obama, I love ya, Obama" (we watch Annie a lot these days) and was called a Future Democrat six times. 

Here’s a map of the results.  The many towns for Obama are in blue.  The town – sorry, towns – for Clinton are in pink.  (?)  Purple towns were tied.

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