The home library.

Tours of the library are available from 10-5 PDT, until the
writers’ strike is over. Proposed borrowing of book(s) will result in
abrupt cessation of tour and re-direction to DVD closet or boxes of
wife’s books in the garage.


2 Replies to “The home library.”

  1. This whole no-books-on-the-shelf-that-haven’t-been-read thing reminds me of people who feel they *must* finish every book they start.

    I got over both of those issues long ago.

    Which is why I’m always in the middle of twenty books and my shelves are crowded with to-read titles.

    Where else am I supposed to keep them?

    Also, books are for loaning.

  2. Our baby sitter, who is a smart person (works as an administrative at the local university) from time to time asks to borrow one of my books. Now she is reading Elif Shafak’s novel “The Bastard of Istanbul” that, incidentally, I still haven’t read.
    I can’t wait for the book to come back home!

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