I say Murakami, you say Murakami.

Been a while since I did anything Haruki Murakami related, but like the stirring of a vastly disappointing CGI monster, well, here’s a Murakami post.  (I think I just insulted myself.)

Those who enjoy mocking blogs and insisting on their irrelevance: here’s an interview from a magazine in another country, in another language, that this blogger has taken the time to translate and post.  A lengthy interview with an author who doesn’t usually sit for long interviews.  Credit where credit is due.  (speaking of which: via Three Percent.)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.


One Reply to “I say Murakami, you say Murakami.”

  1. Hey, I like the new look.

    Just had to write in and say that I’m going to be tackling my first Murakami novel pretty soon–“Kafka on the Shore,” to be specific. It should be fun, judging from the blurbs on the cover. I’ll hopefully have something to say about it soon.

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