Be prepared for anything: carry a book.

I agree wholeheartedly:

This is a very important rule and
easy to slip up on. Here is how. You say to yourself, I have carried
that book with me every single day this week and never have I had the
time to pull it out and read it. It is making a big fat unseemly bulge
in my pocket, it is bumping up against my hip when I walk, it is
weighing me down. Today I am not taking it, goddamnit. That is the day
your friend is forty minutes late and you are left at the restaurant
with the foot of your crossed leg swinging loose and you have studied
every face and every painting in the place. That is the day your bus
gets caught in a traffic jam or you end up having to take someone to
the emergency room and wait four hours for the person to emerge. Always
carry a book with you." –Emma Richler, Sister Crazy

It’s always when it seems the most ludicrous that there will be any time to all for reading that vast expanses of time open up.


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