Don’t gorge on the ziti; save room for the Tobias Wolff.

I’m like a frenzied parent, elbowing you in the eye to get TMX Elmo!

  • Tobias Wolff’s first published story, from 1976 – I was two – Smokers.
  • All of the interview with Mr. Wolff re: Old School that starts with words well spoken:  "Let’s say, for the sake of discussion, that the books we read fall into
    one of four categories: those we don’t bother to finish; those we
    finish because we believe for some reason we should; those we finish
    because we enjoy them; and those we are so consumed and overwhelmed and
    thrilled by that merely reading them feels inadequate—we have the
    impulse to inhale them, or perhaps to tear out the pages and chew them
    up. For me, Tobias Wolff’s new novel Old School was such a book."  Burp, I say!  And it fits with my ill-chosen metaphor!
  • The B.R. Myers manifesto.
  • Nabokov.

All for now.  These buffets, you have to pace yourself.

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