“Ask me about the mechanics of writing.”

A woman named Alisha, who wears a sheep on her head, wrote to Stephen Dixon to for an interview, of sorts:

Now, I repeat myself considerably in my fiction. But as I said, its
easier to relive in fiction an experience I’ve already written about in
my fiction, because then, to repeat myself, not only can I go deeper
into the experience but by repeating myself it shows how important that
experience is in my fiction. Meeting for the first time his wife is an
example. In my work in progress—I really call it a page in progress,
since some pages take a 100 takes and a week to write. But that
meeting, that first meeting, which sometimes replicates the first
meeting with the woman who was, three years later, to become my wife,
is the most important meeting of my life. I am telling it in a
different way this time, in my new novel, His Wife Leaves Him, where
they meet at the elevator after the party, rather than at the party.
But I love that experience and will probably be writing about it the
rest of my life.

His reference to the repetition in his work as a deepening makes sense once you’ve read a number of his books, which you should be doing.


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